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About IDS, LLC

IDS has designed our products and services to work together to increase your organization's efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to take your organization to the next level.

The bedrock of who we are and what we do for you is service. We are committed to providing you the most up to date and useful technology integrated with unmatched, high quality service.


Our Vision

At IDS we recognize the investments that software providers and enterprises have made in their Windows, Mac, UNIX, and Linux applications. We believe that deploying a secure private cloud within the company’s data center is the efficient way for our customers to extend the useful life of these applications to portable devices and mobile users. We will continue to evolve our product solutions to meet our customers’ needs as they leverage new mobile technologies.


Our Products

Our product family provides simple and secure cloud application delivery solutions that extend the reach of our customers' Windows applications to their corporate networks or the Web. IDS makes it easy to create a private cloud that allows authorized employees, business partners, and customers to securely access legacy applications from anywhere, regardless of connection, location, client platform, or OS. Incorporating advanced server-centric technology, IDS software is an efficient cross-platform solution that cost-effectively Web-enables centralized applications and documents for rapid delivery to local, remote, and mobile users running Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, or any Web browser. 


Relying on IDS

Day in and day out, leading corporations and organizations around the world rely on IDS to leverage their investments in Windows applications. We have the tools continue to develop excellent applications and services and the people to monitor your servers, devices and sites around-the-clock.

Our Managed Hosting Component allows us to help you manage Windows patching for you, so you never have to worry about critical updates slipping between the cracks. This is what our expert teams do. Hosted in one of our highly secure, scalable and redundant datacenters and designed and built to be smart, redundant and to only utilize high-quality bandwidth, our worldwide network utilizes multiple Tier-1 network providers. From vendor negotiations to disposal, we're here to make your ife easier; we purchase everything from the hardware and data center to the network. You simply lease what you need from us each month. We keep all necessary components in inventory, so we can keep your infrastructure up and running. And since you won't have to buy hardware, you won't be stuck with old depreciating assets on your books as technology progresses and you can focus on your product as our team of certified network architects, DBAs and other specialists help you maintain and map out your current and future infrastructure.





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